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Grow Your Photo Booth Business with Studio Style Photo Folders + Frames

At Studio Style, we’re a team of designers, marketers, and printers who manufacture custom photo folders and frames for all kinds of special events. We’re here to help photo booth owners, DJs and event planners increase their revenue with a unique add-on for their photo booth rental packages! We want to help you get more customers and grow your presence in the marketplace. You spend all night taking good photos, keeping the energy up and the props organized, making sure the bride and groom are happy and their guests entertained– what better way to send guests home than with a memorable photo souvenir! Instead of just handing each guest a photo strip, give them something nice to take home. We’ll help you design personalized photo folders for each event with your logo and company info on the back, in addition to a special greeting from the bride and groom, or a message from the corporate sponsor or host of the event.

Here are some of the highlights from our interview with DJNTV!

Ways to Use Custom Photo Folders

  • Tell your story – include a client’s corporate logo on the folders and highlight your mission + brand identity
  • Order a custom branded folder to show to your clients the possibilities. Include photos of your booth setup and a brief list of your offerings. This makes a good promotional giveaway at event trade shows and bridal fairs.
  • Thank a photo sponsor who underwrites the cost of the booth rental services. Include their logo on the folders for extra recognition at a fundraiser or corporate event.
  • Custom photo holders can serve as a business card given to all guests at the event (be sure to add your photo booth logo + website on the back!)
  • Great referral tool in lieu of handing out business cards or using a traditional digital template with a logo overlay on the print.
  • An inexpensive party favor to give guests to thank them for being a part of the journey (for a wedding or corporate event)
  • An economical up-sell to a booth rental. Charge the customer retail pricing for adding custom folders to their package – grow your bottom line!
  • Put your website and social media icons on the folder –  drive them to your online platforms to get in touch and learn more about your services.
  • Ask for happy customers to leave a testimonial or review to help build trust and credibility online for your brand.
  • Network with other vendors and the venues themselves – send a photo folder w/ a picture from the event to the venue manager thanking them for having you there.
  • Use branded folders as thank you card to clients, also. Send one out after each wedding, party, or event with a photo. Handwrite a short note inside with what you enjoyed most about being part of their special event. Great for a personal touch that goes a long way!

Why Work with Studio Style?

  • We enjoy working with our customers to come up with a good custom design that fits their needs, whether it’s designing a marketing piece for a bridal fair or a special themed piece for their client’s event.
  • We have an in-house art department!
  • We’ll happily show you a proof of a layout if you need to spec it to one of your clients
  • We’ll send you free samples to show your clients – best way to upsell them is to have some physical samples on hand to demonstrate.
  • If you call us at 800-346-3063 or chat with us on our website, you’ll talk to a real human!
  • Easy process: personalize and order custom photo folders from our website: (or place your order over the phone!)
  • 5-7 day turnaround for production of custom folders + delivery to your location
  • Quick- ship stock folders available for last-minute events (no personalization)
  • Made in the USA from high-quality 14 pt. card stock
  • We are the manufacturer! We make the photo folders and know how to use them – so we can brainstorm ideas for design and construction of custom pieces.
  • Low order minimums
  • Your wholesale cost is only $0.85 for a custom printed folder utilizing one of our designs
  • Online product images and sell sheets and digital mockups to help you sell

Photo Folder Features + Benefits

  • Preserve the prints – turn photos from the event into photo souvenirs!
  • 100 square inches of design and customization space on our 4×6 folders – compare that to your traditional 4×6 or 2×6 digital template!
  • Ensure each print is safe and not left behind on the floor or table, or used as a coaster – guests will take these home!
  • Custom photo folders provide a safe place to store the pictures while guests enjoy the event.

Studio Style Customer Testimonials

Dennis Marentette, Owner at DDM Photo Booth and a 30+ year veteran of the photography and videography industry says:

“These Photo Folders are one of my most effective marketing products that I use. I will speak about it at the Photo Booth Expo this year. Studio Style is the best in the business. We booked this event with Northstar Aerospace as a result of their General Manager being at a wedding back in September, where I gave out your photo folders. I have booked 2 events from handing the custom photo folder samples from Studio Style out to guests. I could go on and on– the bookings are in the thousands of dollars from using your material!”

Howard, Owner at Step it Up Events says,

“We use an assortment of 4X6 & 8X10 frames and photo folders from Studio Style. We love the excellent quality, and the amazing pricing. Using the custom photo folders and photos frames has helped our business by allowing us to offer upgrades that other vendors do not feature in their packages. It has made us look extremely polished. Plus, the customer service team is second to none! Kevin helps me brainstorm ideas on how to incorporate and market different Studio Style products into my event services all of the time.”

We hope you enjoy these tips and ideas to increase your profits in your photo booth business! Have more ways to grow your bottom line? We’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment below, or share with us on the Studio Style Facebook page!

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